How to become a Front End web Developer: Learn all you Need to Know

Also, it’s a convenient way to pay bills and make purchases. As a web developer, it is absolutely necessary to master some prototype design knowledge, which is one of the most profitable things I have invested. Front-end developers have some of the best-paying careers in tech. In 2020, the median pay for all web developers was $77,200 per year ($37.12 per hour), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers will gauge your development of these qualities from how you communicate in interviews. But even after a job offer, you should pay attention to these skills.

how long to become a front end developer

According to ZipRecruiter, mobile app developers earn $105,037 per year, so this is a lucrative career to get into. SEO techniques allow the websites and apps built by front end developers to be seen by the maximum number of users possible. There are a lot of reasons to consider a full-time job in front end development.


Babel, Jenkins, and Kubernetes all appear only once in junior job ads. In senior ads, Babel appeared in 4%, docker in 6%, and Kubernetes in 7%.

There are other frontend frameworks and libraries that only appear in senior job ads. Usually, knowledge of some JavaScript frameworks and libraries is expected how to become a front end developer even from junior developers. 77% of junior positions mention being familiar with one or more frameworks—this increases to 90% in the case of senior developers.

Never stop learning Web design knowledge (all the time)

Front-end developers get to use their knowledge of coding to create the user-facing elements of a website. They decide what color a button will be or how an interactive element will be displayed. They also get to interact with the customer to learn what they need. Front-end developers then create a solution using both their programming skills and some artistic or user experience skills. While some may be devoting their full time to learning new coding skills, some may be learning it during the little time they have between work and other life commitments.

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